OPA - Oficina Portátil de Artes

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Project goals

Associação Sons da Lusofonia (ASL) with the OPA project is working on the creation and enhancement of conditions for the integration of creative people with entrepreneurial and artistic potential in the realms of music, dance and DJing, or Graffiti, just to name a few of the featured disciplines. The project is targeting people who are living at the margins of urban society and are therefore often excluded from social, artistic and entrepreneurial opportunities.

OPA intends to integrate young people with skills in arts and culture by building and promoting a professional network that gives them access to creative and artistic practices that are usually sealed in closed circles. It is imperative that this process is based on an intersection of the young people and professionals that are already successful in their genre. Professional training offering knowledge transfer in the form of practical workshops is hereby a fundamental basis for continued and long-term work and is based on the same criteria that are usually applied to other advanced projects and works of artistic production.

ASL’s experience in intercultural projects is the key to the approach of facilitating the connection between various neighborhoods on the urban periphery of the Greater Lisbon area and the city center.

One important goal of the project is to encourage young people to deepen their artistic expertise and experience as well as connecting them with a network professional. At the same time cooperative practices and work methods are applied that integrate and involve them in the cultural life of the city center to overcome boundaries.In order to achieve this, it is crucial to create a platform that gives young people from the suburbs visibility as well as deserved recognition, and therefor altering the urban landscape with the presence of new actors in culture and new performances.


With the OPA project ASL intends to work on-site in off-center neighborhoods in the Greater Lisbon area with the goal of reaching creative young people without easy access to resources and opportunities that are often provided the city center of the capital. The connection between the districts on the one hand and the network of contacts among these in a distinctive feature of OPA and innovative compared to other existing existing projects of similar nature.
Both the multidisciplinary nature of the training program and the interrelation with institutions and actors from different levels of project management are valued to be innovative. The OPA project aims to provide participants (and structures) with tools and technical skills that enable them to develop projects and create networks by enhancing greater autonomy and job creation linked to artistic expression. The long-term experience of ASL in terms of organizing major cultural and social events helps to connect the participants to professional structures and therefore to create new education and job opportunities.

Creating a network of artistic and technical cooperation that connects the neighborhoods of the Lisbon metropolitan area, artists and local community representatives, is the most innovative feature of the OPA project.

Artistic intention

The project aims to create conditions to integrate young entrepreneurs in peripheral districts of the Greater Lisbon are that are too often excluded from artistic opportunities. The project proposes to create a network of cooperation between the districts allowing young people access to tools and practices of artistic expression, connecting them with professionals and permitting continuative and accompanied education that enables artistic creation in different genres like music, dance, theatre, video, photography and visual arts.

The network will deepen and integrate knowledge from different neighborhoods, fostering talents and giving them visibility in the city center. The project will open new pathways for connection between different generations, neighborhoods, artists and local communities.

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OPA - Portable Arts Workshop is an ongoing educational project with focus on social inclusion for
young creatives, providing a network to deepen their skills and showcase their artistic projects.