OPA - Oficina Portátil de Artes is an annual artistic project designed by Sons da Lusofonia with a focus on Hip-Hop and musical production, which brings young people from the outskirts to the city center, with the aim of promoting new forms of crossover between pedagogy and artistic creation through music, which is later presented at the Lisboa Mistura festival.

In recent years, OPA has worked with hundreds of young people from different backgrounds and neighborhoods of Lisbon. Through training directed by Francisco Rebelo (Cool Hipnoise / Orelha Negra / Fogo-Fogo), technical and artistic tools are provided that allow accompanied evolution and, at the same time, takes the trainees to central stages in the city, guaranteeing the artistic training of new talents through access to a variety of tools and professionals that prepare them for a more informed career.

OPA had its first edition in 2010, debuting live at the Lisboa Mistura festival, and since then, artists who have established themselves in national Hip Hop have participated in the project, such as Tristany, Estraca, NOIATT, Vasco Completo, EVAWAVE, Mynda'Guevara or SXR, opening paths between professionals, local entities, artists and stages, unifying opportunities between the suburbs and the city center.

Over fourteen years and co-financed by entities such as the DG Artes, Lisbon City Council, EGEAC, etc., OPA produced mixtapes, workshops and audiovisual content that enlightens the musical universe.

“A pedagogical atelier that aims to give visibility and working conditions to young artists from peripheral neighborhoods of the capital” Alexandra Ho in SOL


More videos at ASL Youtube channel