Lisboa Mistura has established itself, since 2006, as an intercultural space dedicated to new languages and creative trends, having become a reflection of enrichment, sharing, celebration and healthy confrontation, where some urban encounters that mark contemporary artistic scene of Lisbon recent history have emerged.

It is a multi-disciplinary event, with the support of EGEAC - Cultura em Lisboa, which integrates projects in both cultural and social areas, that lives from multicultural intersection, and functions as a place of observation and action to better understand the possible paths that are created through the mixtures that happens all the time in the city.

In its innovative nature, Lisboa Mistura has brought several different projects from Lisbon neighborhoods to the city center, making the city a place of inclusion through creative meetings and projects in which artistic quality causes a great social impact.

Urban music culture is, at Lisboa Mistura, a bridge to the social and political dimensions that integrates the cosmopolitanism of Lisbon’s undergoing fast changes.

Building a necessary celebration to live side by side with others and to resist the annihilation of difference, Lisboa Mistura has held international acts in its stages such as: Tony Allen (NG), Manu Dibango (CM), Amp Fiddler (US), The Heliocentrics (UK) have already appeared on the festival stage. ), Baloji (CG/BE), Omar Souleyman (SY), Metá Metá (BR), Bitori (CV), África Negra (ST), Oum (MA), Gaye Su Akyol (TR), Bombino (NE), or the comeback — after two decades of absence — of General D (PT/MZ).