Jazzopa is one of the most recent projects by ASL. Six young jazz musicians from the University Lusíada in Lisbon and 2 MCs from the OPA project got together to re-invent jazz and hip hop together by mixing it up and working on the respective interfaces and common grounds.

Jazzopa represents the fusion of two musical genres and the fusion of the two ASL projects OPA and Festa do Jazz, but more than that it stands for the possibility to experiment, to reinvent sounds and to redefine musical boundaries.

Rui Lopes, guitar
Francisco Silva, drums
Tomás Boto, alto sax
João Henriques, bass
Lana Gasparotti, piano
José Cruz, trumpet
Estraca, MC
Splinter, background vocals

Artistic direction:
Francisco Rebelo
Carlos Martins

parallax background

Jazzopa brings together jazz and hip-hop based on their common characteristics of improvisation.