Continuing the educational work developed at the Festa do Jazz festival and OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes, ASL created JAZZOPA, a project that brings together Jazz, Spoken Word and Hip-Hop, in an artistically challenging and socially conscious language that seeks artists with consolidated skills in the various proposed areas.
Through artistic residencies and co-creation workshops, young artists are able to develop skills in the interpretation of less common themes in the Jazz repertoire and simultaneously in a selective process, young people with skills in the area of Hip-Hop are able to work on the writing and knowing the backgrounds of “flow” that fit into the context of live music. Spoken Word joins the two consolidated artistic areas, poeticizing the melodies and flows of the projects created.
Like OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes, the JAZZOPA project encourages the professionalization of participants, giving the work tools that allow them to develop their artistic and musical production skills. The collaboration between the improvisation of words and musical structures can be an inspiration for new metaphors and generative analogies of new creative and social processes.
Over the course of almost a year of work, JAZZOPA seeks to make several public presentations, including at the Lisboa Mistura festival and the Festa do Jazz festival, but also performing in other spaces in the city.

Instrumentalists: Samuel Dias (drums), Francisco Nogueira (bass), Kiko Sá (trumpet), Débora King (piano), Jery Bidan (guitar), Ricardo Rosas (saxophone)
MC: Vileiro and YA SIN
Spoken Word: Vanessa Parish Crooks and Luís Perdigão

Artistic Direction: André Fernandes, Carlos Martins and Valete

Project financed by the Portuguese Republic / DGArtes
parallax background

Jazzopa brings together jazz and hip-hop based on their common characteristics of improvisation.