Jazzopa is a project that brings together Spoken Word, Hip-Hop and Jazz, in an artistic and socially conscious language, for participants with consolidated skills in the proposed areas. Jazzopa, which begins its third edition in 2024, follows the pedagogical work developed by Sons da Lusofonia around 20 years ago with OPA – Oficina Portátil de Artes.

Jazzopa's methodology is based on a creative studio model, where each participant jointly composes the music, lyrics and poems that will be part of the repertoire of each edition — based on the idea of improvisation in real time — through multidisciplinary training actions, with practical and theoretical aspects from various artistic areas. These creative residencies are open to the community in order to encourage listening and criticism of the work developed in co-creation. The result of collective work is presented every year in live concerts at the Festa do Jazz and Lisboa Mistura festivals.

With Artistic Direction by André Fernandes and Art Curatorship by Carlos Martins and Valete, this project seeks to stimulate and consolidate the professionalization of each participating artist, giving them working tools that allow them to develop their artistic and musical production skills. jazzopa promotes work skills in the area of Production, Creation and Artistic Performance, through the construction of creative languages where the arts combine with social intervention, to change practices that reduce the growing inequalities in our society.

Line up of 2024: Razy (vocals and bass), Nitry (rap), Mariana Bonito (spoken-word), Francisco Bettencourt (saxophone), André Silvestre (trumpet), Gonçalo Diogo Morais (guitar), Rodrigo Lima (guitar and bass), João Pedro Melão (keys) and Fillipe Padrão (drums);

Line up of 2023: Vanessa Parish Crooks (vocals and spoken word), Luís Perdigão (spoken word), Vileiro (MC), YA SIN (MC), Ricardo Rosas (saxophone), Kiko Sá (trumpet), Jery Bidan (guitar), Débora King (piano and synths), Francisco Nogueira (bass) and Samuel Dias (drums);

Line up of 2022: Cádi, May e Noiatt (MCs), Mateja Dolsak (saxophone), Mariana Trindade (trumpet), Tom Maciel (keys e synths), Zé Almeida (electric bass) and Miguel Fernández (drums)