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FESTA DO JAZZ - Editions

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In September 2020 will run the 18th edition of Festa do Jazz, the most important jazz festival made by Portuguese musicians, bringing together the best of jazz and improvised music in Portugal. This year a lot has changed – the festival will happen for the first time in autumn, in a new location, with a new digital format and a new design.

But in 2020 the festival will continue its commitment to the Portuguese jazz scene. Since it’s first edition, Festa do Jazz is dedicated to support and promote Portuguese jazz musicians and in 2020 this support becomes even more urgent and relevant due to the unprecedented challenges that technicians, producers and musicians are confronted with in the face of Covid-19. Therefore Festa do Jazz has partnered up with the Culture Solidarity Fund (Fundo de Solidariedade com a Cultura) to raise funds for actors of the Portuguese cultural sector.

This year the festival will take place for the first time at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, and has established a brand new digital format in partnership with RTP Palco. All the concerts will be professionally recorded and transmitted live, plus all the content of Festa do Jazz 2020 will be available for streaming on this platform even after the festival for free. Due to the pandemic the 2020 edition of Festa do Jazz will not have a live audience, it will be realized as a digital event.

This year Festa do Jazz is proud to present a new festival design by Travassos, inspired by the organic nature of jazz and improvised music, which can result in unexpected beauty.

Over one weekend Festa do Jazz will feature lots of concerts as well as other activities like the book launch of “Festa do Jazz”, a book about the history of the festival which accompanies the history of Portuguese jazz of the last 20 years. There will be panel talks addressing current urgent issues for the jazz scene in Portugal and beyond like racism and inequality or working conditions in the cultural sector. And, last but not least, the festival will continue its core tradition of presenting combos from jazz schools all over Portugal for a national encounter, highlighting new talents. Like every year, the festival will be closed with an award ceremony, honoring outstanding artists and talent in the Portuguese jazz scene.

The concert highlights include performances of some of the most promising rising stars of Portuguese jazz like João Barradas, Ricardo Toscano or Gabriel Ferrandini as well as concerts of internationally acclaimed artists like Maria João and Carlos Bica, Susana Santos Silva with Angélica Salvi on the harp, and Andy Sheppard´s new project with Mário Costa.

It is worth highlighting the tribute to Bernardo Sassetti in the year that he would celebrate his 50th anniversary as well as two exclusive encounters showcasing Portuguese jazz musicians in a format designed for Festa do Jazz, both well established artists („Encontro I“ like Carlos Martins, João Lobo, João Paulo Esteves da Silva and rising female talents („Encontro II“).

Festa do Jazz is organized by the Lisbon-based non-profit organization Associação Sons da Lusofonia (ASL) with the artistic direction of Carlos Martins. This years edition will exclusively feature Portuguese artists some in collaboration with international artists who are based in Portugal.

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