Sons da Lusofonia promotes a variety of projects that combine social intervention and education with artistic creation by encouraging the interaction between communities, people and the arts.

ASL is a non‐profit cultural organization based in Lisbon, Portugal, founded in 1996 by musician and artistic director Carlos Martins. The association works on cultural projects that are dedicated to social and educational community work, based on music and other performing arts like dance or theatre performances.
The association is interested in and dedicated to different aspects of cultural work: cultural and social projects with a focus on intercultural communication and social inclusion, production of cultural events and festivals, ethnomusicology, music education, publishing of books, records, or documentaries.

Currently, Sons da Lusofonia promotes the following annual events and ongoing projects: Festa do Jazz, Lisboa Mistura, OPA - Oficina Portátil das Artes and jazzopa.
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