Festa do Jazz – December 3rd – National Coach Museum

Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 3rd – CCB
20 de November, 2023
Lisboa Mistura – NEW DATE!
5 de January, 2024

Festa do Jazz – December 3rd – National Coach Museum



Post-Tonal Approaches to Improvisation

Expanding your melodic vocabulary beyond functional harmony with pitch-class sets, this masterclass will discuss approaches to improvisation that involve tonal and atonal theory.

The range of topics to be discussed will include:
* Post-tonal theory: Basic terms and concepts
* Trichordal Pitch Class Sets: Practice Methods and Transformational Development
* Improvisation using rows of twelve tones derived from trichordals
* Trichordal formations in Coltrane's late-period music
* Set class transitions through hexachord manipulation
* Diatonic applications of post-tonal material

John O'Gallagher is considered one of the most interesting alto saxophonists and composers on the international jazz scene. Based in New York for three decades, he is known for his projects as a leader (The Anton Webern Project, Abacus, Trio) and as a sideman, working in groups with acclaimed musicians such as Joe Henderson, Maria Schneider, Kenny Wheeler, Dan Weiss and many others. With a discography of more than 75 CDs, some of the recordings he has participated in have received four Juno Award nominations, two Grammy Award nominations and a Grammy Award. John O'Gallagher is a distinguished saxophonist and developed an innovative master's thesis on the music of John Coltrane, mainly from his last phase, and will share his vast knowledge and musicality with students from jazz schools across the country, the professional musicians and the general public.

This is a practical masterclass, participants must bring their instruments.
Free entry, subject to registration.
Directed in English.