Festa do JAZZ – DECEMBER 2nd – CCB

Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 2nd and 3rd – Antigo Picadeiro Real do Museu dos Coches
20 de November, 2023
Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 3rd – CCB
20 de November, 2023

Festa do JAZZ – DECEMBER 2nd – CCB



Clara Lacerda, pianist and composer, presents her new quintet, the result of a residency at the invitation of Porta-jazz. In her own words, ‘I wrote pieces and songs, each one of them a character in the story that we will tell you throughout the concert and perhaps one of them can accompany you (as long as it serves you)'.

Clara Lacerda - Piano/Composition
Afonso Silva - Saxophone/Flute
Joao Pedro Brandao - Saxophone/Flute
Demian Cabaud - Double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro - Drums


João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco and Samuel Rohrer combine all those qualities that usually guarantee the success of this more classic jazz format, with a foot in chamber music: an intuitive understanding, the fluidity and transparency of communication between the musicians, the their actions and reactions, soloistic sequences that prolong the fluidity of sound and musical culture and nobility. The trio is not defined by melodic joy or melancholy or by the pure search for harmony. Their search develops in openness to improvisation, dispensing with banal intentions for their pieces and compositions. It transforms what it finds into concise sound images, which maintain rigor and concentration, not rebelling under the musicians' fingers. Here, emotional depth assumes greater importance than virtuosity. For the Trio, emotion is not about volume.

João Paulo Esteves da Silva - Piano
Mário Franco - Double bass
Samuel Rohrer - Drums


This is a project that brings together jazz, spoken word and hip-hop, in an artistically challenging and socially conscious language and that has participants with consolidated skills in the various areas proposed.
JAZZOPA's methodology, in the first phase, is based on a “creative studio” model – where participants are invited to create together the songs, lyrics and poems that will form part of the repertoire based on a theme selected by everyone/ those in co-creation. The training actions are multidisciplinary, with practical and theoretical aspects, and place emphasis on the creation and crossing of various artistic areas based on the idea of improvisation in real time. This artistic residency is directed by André Fernandes, Carlos Martins and Valete.

Instrumentalists: Samuel Dias (drums), Francisco Nogueira (bass), Kiko Sá (trumpet), Débora king (piano), Jery Bidan (guitar), Ricardo Rosas (saxophone)
MC: Vileiro and YA SIN
Spoken word: Vanessa Parish Crooks and Luís Perdigão


Porta-Jazz do Porto and Robalo de Lisboa are two associations of musicians that have collaborated with some regularity, organizing a sextet annually with musicians from both associations. This year they decided to expand the scope of this collaboration and invite composer and musician Hans Koller to write a set of songs for a wide range of musicians. The result is this Decateto Porta-Jazz / Robalo that will be presented at the Festa do Jazz this year, celebrating the partnership with the project.