Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 2nd and 3rd – Antigo Picadeiro Real do Museu dos Coches

Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 1ST – CCB
20 de November, 2023
Festa do JAZZ – DECEMBER 2nd – CCB
20 de November, 2023

Festa do Jazz – DECEMBER 2nd and 3rd – Antigo Picadeiro Real do Museu dos Coches


Theater play
11h00 e 19h00

"Who stole the... Jazz!" is a unique show resulting from the partnership between Associação Sons da Lusofonia and Produções Fictícias and designed for the whole family.
In an idea by Carlos Martins (Sons da Lusofonia) with original text by João Nunes (Produções Fictícias), themes such as Limehouse, Prelude to a Kiss, Shaw Nuff (Charlie Parker), So what (Miles Davis), Impressions (Coltrane) or Lonely Woman are recovered and travels between personalities and terms as vast as “cool jazz”, “west coast”, “hard bop”, “the third stream”, “soul jazz” or “free jazz”.
The most fun way to enter the world of jazz.
Someone stole the Jazz! Between clues, evidence, witnesses and suspects, the task is complicated enough to be the target of investigation. With humor, irreverence and above all a lot of music, “once upon a time... jazz” is an introduction to jazz and a journey through its history led by a Detective and his Assistant. This short story told by an actor and a small band, in the form of a police investigation, is, for the youngest, an excellent introduction to the magic of Jazz: short songs, with infectious rhythms and virtuoso soloists; for connoisseurs, the opportunity to remember some of the most important themes that marked the great music of the 20th century.
It debuted in 2003 as part of the Festa do Jazz in Teatro São Luiz, was on stage at the CCB in 2009 and is now returning again.

An idea from: Carlos Martins
Text: João Nunes - Produções Fictícias
Duration: 50 minutes
Age rating: M/6
Executive production: Associação Sons da Lusofonia
Language: Portuguese


From 14h00 to 18h00

The National Schools Meeting is an event for the creation and development of public, through pedagogy. We have heard great compositions by young musicians, who at this Meeting can showcase their most recent works. We celebrate the interflow between national Jazz schools!
At the end of the performances of the National Schools Meeting, the Honorable Mentions ceremony takes place, created with the aim of highlighting young musicians and schools in the categories for “Best Combo” and “Best Instrumentalist”, through the watchful eye of Artistic Direction of ASL together with a panel of judges composed of João Custódio, Isabel Rato and Alexandre Frazão.

Jazz Schools:
Escola de Jazz e Música Improvisada da Capricho Setubalense
Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa
Escola Artística de Música do Conservatório Nacional
Academia de Música de Portimão
Escola Artística do Conservatório de Música de Coimbra
ART´J - Escola Profissional de Artes Performativas da Jobra
Escola de Jazz do Barreiro
Conservatorio de Música do Porto
Escola do Hot Clube
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa
Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo (ESMAE)