Lisboa Mistura is back! 9th and 10th of September

27 de July, 2023
7 de September, 2023

Lisboa Mistura is back! 9th and 10th of September


The 18th edition of Lisboa Mistura returns to the city of Lisbon!

Lisbon Mistura will take place on the 9th and 10th of September at the Lisbon Museum - Palácio Pimenta. Following the spirit in which it has been guided over the years, it has two days of music and socio-cultural projects, spread across the venue and the various stages. On both days, the opening will be at 16:00 and the end will occur at 00:00. Free entry.

Lisbon Mistura is a reflection of Lisbon’s DNA and is carried out by Associação Sons da Lusofonia, in co-production with EGEAC, since 2006, having become a reference in the national cultural and artistic scene as a promoter of interculturality and participatory art .

"We want to continue working to democratize culture and to slow down the vertigo of visual noise through listening processes. And we want, above all, to give a stage to traditions and to sound and thought innovation. It may seem like little, but if we succeed thinking of sonospheres as new models of governance and celebration of life, we would be contributing to a major change in the way we relate to each other and to the landscapes around us, even before we create them.
Lisboa Mistura in 2023 proposes a turning point in the concept of this encounter between Lisbon residents and the city, themselves and the world around them. We intend to create conditions, space and time for those who desire for more connections and better conditions, to express themselves creatively on personal, collective, artistic and spiritual levels."
- Carlos Martins



16h | Debate: Lisboetas e Proximidade
Museu de Lisboa

17h | Festa Intercultural
Palco Secundário

Nomadikanti (Itália)
Coletivo Gira (Brasil)
Beniko Tanaka - Lisbon Ondo (Japão)
Litá Band (Ucrânia)
Mbalango (Moçambique)
Toy e Emanuel Matos (Portugal)
As Tinas (Guiné)

19h30 | D’Improviso - Orquestra de Percussão e Sopros
Pátio das Tílias - Portugal

20h | A Mãe Dela (DJ)
Palco Secundário - Portugal

21h | Soweto Kinch Power Trio
Palco Principal - Inglaterra

22h30 | Dobet Gnahoré
Palco Principal - Costa de Marfim


16h | Debate: Arte Participativa
Museu de Lisboa

17h | OPA - Oficina Portátil das Artes
Palco Secundário - Portugal
MC: Snails, Ró Lk, Golden Nora, John Do$
Producer: EVAWAVE

18h45 | JAZZOPA
Palco Secundário - Portugal
Instrumentistas: Débora King, Samuel Dias, Kiko Sá, Francisco Nogueira, Jery Bidan, Ricardo Rosas
MC: Vileiro, YA SIN
Spoken Word: Vanessa Parish Crooks, Luis Perdigão

20h00 | DJ Tiago Pereira
Palco Secundário - Portugal

21h00 | Criatura
Palco Principal - Portugal

22h30 | Fogo Fogo
Palco Principal - Portugal